Our company was formed as family brand in 2005, then new partners joined the company in 2009. We have 20 domestic-based online stores & thousands of happy customers worldwide.
Independence Day festival - best guest-seller - 2005
eBay powerseller - bronze level 2006
eBay powerseller - silver lever 2007
Best gypsy costume maker of the month - May 2011

Trade Show Exhibits award - L.A. business owners - 2013


From a young age, company founder Sarah Goldberg creates beauty all around. Graduated from the university as a professional artist and interior designer & stylist, Sarah worked for the Bureau of Estetics in the Founadion of Art as a gallery curator & interior designer. Since 1981 Sarah worked as a director of art school & instructor of fashion design students. In 1992 together with daugther Sofia were a participants in the European show, "Art, Textile, National costumes & Fashion" in Krakow, Poland. In 1997 another international European show "Theatre of Fashion & Dance" together with our friends, artists & designers. We have 9 years experience of trade at open-air markets, carnivals, Cairo carnival, eBay and other international online marketplaces.


Sofia Goldberg aka Sofia Metal Queen is main designer, super model of Ameynra company. Having unique vision in art & fashion, also ability to see almost invisible difference of shades of neon color, Sofia creates amazingly charming ornaments & design for each fancy solo costume. Dancer by soul, beauty lady Sofia has more than 10 years experience as photo model, swimwear model & makeup model. 


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